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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eddie Murray, 1988 Jiffy Pop Discs #13

Forgive the wonky scan. I guess my scanner isn't very keen on round items. Anyhow, this is the most outta-sight card to come from a package of various O's cards that Max recently sent. Nothing beats a surprise mailing, especially when it arrives on Friday afternoon! Once again, Eddie Murray proves his standing as King of Badass Mountain by appearing in a logo-free airbrushed picture on a goofy circular card that was manufactured by the folks who sell you popcorn kernels in an aluminum pouch...and still looking like a boss. 25 years later, Eddie still keeps you on your toes.

P.S.: Sorry about the "outta-sight" thing. Trying to switch things up from "interesting, "cool", etc. That one might not do it for you.


GMan said...

Tarantino owes Eddie Murray royalties after he's stole his look for Pitt in Pulp Fiction. Always wanted to write the 'Royale With Cheese' scene using Murray and Ripken.

Rob said...

I own a lot of Eddie stuff, but I've never seen this before. Awesome!

jacobmrley said...

Murray is so badass, he scared the oriole right off his hat.

Kevin said...

GMan - And Earl Weaver as Winston Wolf?

Rob - You'll have to add that to your wish list.

Max - I'm so upset that I didn't think of that!