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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Juan Bell, 1990 Topps #724

Nothing seems more fitting today than a crappy card of a crappy player from a crappy set. I'm beyond disgusted with the Orioles today. I've been watching them lose and lose and lose for my entire adult life and then some, and somehow this team is on pace to be the worst of the bunch. After drafting and trading for an entire rotation's worth of highly-acclaimed young pitchers, they're no closer to contending. Every pitcher has encountered injuries and/or a startling regression in ability. The pitching stinks. The hitting stinks. The defense stinks. The manager's lineup decisions are often confounding. The general manager spent $25 million on three past-their-prime players (Kevin Gregg, Vladimir Guerrero, and Derrek Lee) that were unwanted elsewhere, and all three have performed below even the rock-bottom expectations that my pessimistic side had for them. Same general manager has waved a white flag when it comes to signing Latin American prospects, essentially widening the talent gap between the Baltimore organization and its rivals. The fan exodus from Camden Yards continues unchecked. Player development is apparently broken as well, given the lack of fruit borne by the farm system and the repeated failures of the few players who do make it to the major leagues. I can't remember ever feeling this hopeless as a baseball fan.

Something has to give. I'm shutting the doors of this blog for the first time in the 44 months since I began posting. I plan to take a week off. No scanning, no writing, no trying to come up with something to say about a team and a franchise that just don't seem to be worth the effort. See you in a week.


Reivax said...

Kevin, don't feel bad! All our teams go through this. That's why we collect cards so we can reminisce on the good days while suffering through the lousy ones.
And there's a another 700 cards full of lousy in that ugly set, lol, don't pick on poor JB!

Commishbob said...

I had to laugh because when I saw that card your first line is EXACTLY what went through my mind before I read it.

Matt said...

Reivax, you say that like you believe it, but you need to understand that the Orioles have been in a rebuilding mode for nearly thirty years now. The memories that we have left to reminisce on have long since worn out.

When it comes to the birds, I feel like a parent who has to look away from the child that they love because the decisions that they are making with their life are just stupid.

I am ready for the Orioles when they are ready to get serious about recovery... but until then I just can't put myself through the misery of watching them ruin themselves.

Brian said...


I feel the same way. It pains me to see the orioles almost 30 games out of first again. It sucks to say well theres always next year.

William said...

If you say it's bad, it must be really bad.

Jim from Downingtown said...


Why not re-post the Orioles from (and re-create) the 1966 and/or 1971 seasons?

Problem solved!

Jim from Downingtown said...

Here's a jumpstart.

Chris said...

The sentiment is mutual and understandable, see you next week.