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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Harold Baines, 1993 Bowman #281

Today's idle thought: I wish I could grow a beard as neat and full and even as that of Harold Baines. That thing looks like it was painted on his face.


White Sox Cards said...

I'm jealous of Harold's beard growing ability. I recently shaved off the chin hair and kept the mustache and at times, I think of Snoopy's borther Spike. :-)

White Sox Cards said...

oops, i meant "brother"

OriolePhan said...

I probably is knowing topps

Kevin said...

Steve - Kudos on the Spike reference! I always threaten to shave the beard and keep the mustache, but common sense has prevailed for the time being.

OriolePhan - I'd be in favor of Topps digitally enhancing facial hair.