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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Javy Lopez, 2004 Playoff Honors #28

I was so busy blathering about cards yesterday, that I didn't even mention that spring training has finally begun! All of the Orioles' pitchers (minus Alfredo Simon, of course), catchers, and coaches are already down in Sarasota getting loose and adapting to the first Buck Showalter camp. The rest of the position players will likely be trickling in all week; Brian Roberts and Adam Jones are the most noteworthy early arrivals thus far. As if on cue, Baltimore was graced with temperatures in the mid-50s yesterday. After a dip back into the 40s today, it's supposed to be warmer for the rest of the week, including low 60s on Friday. Be still, my heart! Meanwhile, summer will be here before we know it. Daylight past 8:00 PM, vacation getaways, and short sleeves and shorts. Oh, and Orioles baseball on Eutaw Street, of course.

I've heard raves about the Orioles' new (as of 2010) spring home in Sarasota, which underwent significant renovations in recent months. I can't wait to get a good look at it. If an ancient concrete hovel like Fort Lauderdale Stadium could look as vivid and appealing as it does in the above photo on Javy Lopez's card, just imagine the backdrop that Ed Smith Stadium will provide to the first O's games of 2011.


LoCoDe said...

Kind of mean having a playoff honors card with an Oriole on it. It's like Javy is teasing you with the promise of what never happened.

Kevin said...

LoCoDe - Very true. Then again, it's not as mean as labeling Adam Loewen a "Future Star", like Topps did in 2004.