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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cal Ripken, Jr., Rafael Palmeiro, Brady Anderson, and Roberto Alomar, 1998 Pinnacle Inside Stand Up Guys #15-C/15-D

Here's another instance of a card company trying to reinvent the wheel. As an insert to their "Inside" brand (which crammed baseball cards into Pringles cans), Pinnacle slapped four players from one team on two sides of a thick card with a notch cut into the top center. There's another card (numbered #15A-B) that is meant to slide into this notch to create a FrankenCard that will stand on its own. Why? The world may never know. I do not have the other half of the card, which features the photogenic rear ends of all four men. Such a shame.


Aaron said...

my sister would appreciate the half with brady's ass on it.

Kevin said...

Aaron - She should probably take a number.

Oriolephan said...

here's the card