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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pete Harnisch, 1990 Classic Blue #44

I believe this to be the quintessential 1990 baseball card design. It just perfectly encapsulates the days of Bugle Boy, Body Glove, New Kids on the Block, and Saved by the Bell. It makes the staid white borders of Upper Deck and the garish red borders/Jackson Pollock splatters of Donruss look downright silly. Looking at this card, I feel like Pete Harnisch should be wearing a fanny pack and a slap bracelet. Ooh, and maybe Zubaz pants. Hey Night Owl: If you care to Define the Design for 1990 Classic Blue, I would suggest the Zubaz Set.


night owl said...

Oh, I think it's pretty definite it will be the Zubaz set.

Saved by the Bell works well, too, but that also works well for a couple of other early '90s sets.

Kevin said...

Greg - 1991 Donruss is fairly Saved-by-the-Bell-esque.