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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lenn Sakata, 1983 Fleer #72

Fellow O's fans...and anyone else who has sharp eyes and a keen memory: can you identify the player sitting on the bench behind Lenn Sakata in this photo? Assuming that it was taken in 1982, we should be able to narrow it down. I don't think it's Eddie Murray. That leaves Al Bumbry, John Shelby, Dan Ford (who usually wore glasses), and Mike Young. My guess is T-Bone Shelby, but I'm not sure. Anyone care to weigh in?


night owl said...

Even before you listed the names, I though of Mike Young. I don't know why. There must be a card of Young from around that time burned in my brain.

Ryan said...

I think its Al bumbry because of the mustache.

Commish said...

Sure looks like Shelby to me. I think I'd be most surprised if we found the answer to be Al Bumbry. Just doesn't look like him, at least to me.