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Sunday, September 26, 2010

John Parrish, 2002 Fleer #228

I'm cutting and running on you tonight, in my ongoing and futile effort to get to bed before 11:30. I've just gotten home from a college friend's wedding in the Lancaster area. You'll be delighted to know that Lancaster is the hometown of southpaw John Parrish, although the last time I checked they haven't gotten around to putting it on their street signs. I'd already forgotten that John started the 2010 season in Kansas City, making nine appearances out of the bullpen and allowing two runs in six innings before getting injured. The Royals released him in June, and it doesn't look like he's caught on anywhere else. Still, I wouldn't say that we've seen the last of Parrish. After all, he is left-handed.


William said...

Where in Lancaster was this wedding? I'm going to guess a hotel on either Oregon Pike or Route 30.

John Parrish is indeed our pride and joy, although he has been replaced by newcomer Chris Heisey (Mount Joy native) of the Cincinnati Reds. Nice to know someone's making it from around here.

deal said...

If I remember correctly Parrish has a Perfect Game on his resume. Of course it was as a Bowler. I may have him confused with Matt Riley but I am pretty sure it was Parrish - he is a pretty good bowler - obviously and had rolled a 300 gm as a teenager I think.

Kevin said...

William - Oddly enough, it was actually in Mount Joy at the Cameron Estates. I went with Lancaster figuring most people probably wouldn't be familiar with Pennsylvania geography.

deal - I didn't know that! John Burkett was famous for being a pretty hardcore bowler.