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Monday, March 29, 2010

Ben McDonald, 1990 Donruss Baseball's Best #114

If you're near a television tonight and you're also in the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network viewing area, you might want to check out the Orioles' exhibition game against the Yankees. Not because you'll enjoy the results (as I type, the Birds are down 4-1 in the fourth inning), but because MASN is rolling out their new "third analysts" all in one night. Eddie Murray joined Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer in the bottom of the third inning and sounded a bit nervous but in good spirits. He and Palmer told stories about hazing newer Hall of Fame inductees, and Eddie offered a bit of a scouting report on New York starter Javier Vazquez, who Murray coached against after his playing days ended. Ultimately, I think he'll be fine. His voice is silky smooth, and he's a stone-cold killer.

Mike Boddicker will drop into the booth in the sixth inning, and the other two newbies will be interviewed by roving reporter Amber Theoharis: Ben McDonald in the fourth and Brady Anderson in the seventh.

That's right. I'd previously repeated the speculation that Eddie, Boddicker, and Brady would be adding their two cents to select O's games this year, but McDonald was an utter surprise when he was announced last week. His Cajun drawl should liven up a few telecasts, and it's good to know that he's on good terms with the Birds fifteen years after he threw his last pitch for the team. I'm also glad that I have an excuse to post another one of his cards; I have no less than 80 of them in my collection.

Yes, 80. Eight-zero. Do you think the hobby spiraled out of control in the early 1990s?


Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Cool card, I've never seen this version of the 90 Donruss.

Kevin said...

Ryan - To my knowledge, Donruss put out separate "Baseball's Best" sets from 1988-1990, with different photos, colors, and back designs than the base set. I've featured a couple of the 1988 ones previously, if you do a search. They've got orange borders and are 100X better than the regular 1988 Donruss in my opinion.

drew said...

I'd pay to hear Ben and Will Clark team up to do an innning or two, especially if one of those innings featured a two-hour long rain delay during which they were forced to fill air time with stories.

Kevin said...

Drew - Yeah, that could be worth the price of admission.