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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paul Bako, 2007 Topps Updates and Highlights Red Backs #UH306

I'm sure the photographer was going for a typical "catcher pounding the glove" pose here, but instead it looks like Paul Bako is preparing to unleash a five-knuckle shuffle on anyone who gets too close to him. Of course, we all know how much punch "Base Knock Bako" packs, if his .623 career OPS (62 OPS+) is to be believed. Am I right? Wait...oh no. Paul, I was just kidding! It was all in good fun! I love you like a brother - every one of your 32 hits for the O's were pure magic! Don't raise a hand to me...no...NOOOOO!

Sheesh. With a quick-trigger temper like that, no wonder he's played for 11 teams in 12 years. For more Bakolicious humor, check out this tongue-in-cheek blog post at Royals Review.


Commish said...

Bako played for 11 different teams, and sucked for all of them! That's not easy to do.

deal said...

He is now a member of an NLCS championship team though.

Commish said...

Yeah Deal. I guess there is something to be said for that. And he's got a nice pension coming.

Kevin said...

Bob - He must be one heck of a defender, huh?

deal - Yeah, I was hoping to post this card when the Phils won the World Series a few weeks ago...but we know how that turned out. At least you've got 2008.

Brian said...

I hear Paul is a free agent again...here comes team #12