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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nick Markakis, 2009 Upper Deck Icons Lettermen #IL-NM

If there's any better time to get a package in the mail than on a rainy, miserable Thursday night, I can't imagine it. Tonight I got a little bubble-wrapped pick-me-up from Max, aka jacobmrley. The big prizes were a Pete Rose card for my 1965 Topps set (only 57 cards left to get!), and of course the fabulous Nick Markakis card you see above.

Now, that's not actually a piece of one of Nick's jerseys. It was manufactured by Upper Deck. This does not make it any less cool. They have separate cards for each letter of his first and last name, and the card back actually suggests that you collect all twelve. I'm not quite masochistic enough to chase down and buy that many essentially identical cards, so I'm perfectly happy with my "K" (for Kevin, you know).

Max also sent along several more essential additions to my O's collection, including my first Nolan Reimold and Chris Tillman cards, another handful of fierce Eddie Murrays, and a 1985 Fleer team set. Yes, please.


night owl said...

I got a Jacob Mrley package today, too. And an '85 Fleer Dodger set! The highlight of my day. Easily.

jacobmrley said...

To see it already scanned and up on the site means I was correct in my assumption that you would appreciate this card. Glad you like it.

FreeTheBirds said...

I never buy cards anymore, but I noticed at Rite Aid last night that packs of baseball and football cards were on clearance so I picked up a pack of Topps & UD Masterpieces for a grand total of $1.25. I opened this morning at work and got a Jackie Robinson career best card and a Brooks Robinson masterpieces card, two of my favorite all time players. That just made my morning.

Kevin said...

night owl - It's like an early Christmas :)

Max - Thanks!

FTB - Good pulls! I think I have the Brooks Masterpieces card.