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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mike Mussina, 1998 Score #258

Seriously? This was one of the most memorable highlights from the first year of interleague play? Even if that's true, couldn't they have gotten an actual photo of Moose swinging the bat? Sheesh.

Somehow I can imagine commissioner Bud Selig calling Score and ordering them to produce a subset of cards that praise the wild successes of his ham-handed experiment. When it comes right down to it, it's just baseball teams playing different baseball teams. Even if it generated some extra buzz, that doesn't mean that it was inherently historic. But I've got no real problem with interleague play, and I will admit that it's a bit enjoyable to see some fresh teams now and again. At least they phased out that ridiculous fighting eagle logo that's floating behind Mike Mussina.

Okay, back to the pointlessness of this card. It reminds me of Bart Simpson ripping open that pack of Krusty the Clown cards and finding captions like "Krusty poses for trading card photo" and "Krusty visits relatives in Annapolis, MD". Perhaps this subset should have stayed on the drawing board. Here are some other possible Interleague Moments:

-Barry Bonds sneers at Seattle beat reporter
-David Wells eats a cheesesteak on the mound
-Gary Sheffield misinterprets Boston third base coach's sneeze, threatens him with bodily harm
-Jeff Bagwell, Frank Thomas plan joint 30th birthday party for next year
-Mark McGwire comparison-shops pharmacies in Cleveland


jacobmrley said...

This reminds me of this exchange:

Milhouse: Krusty trading cards. The long-awaited "Eight Series".

Bart: "Krusty visits relatives in Annapolis, Maryland. Krusty poses for trading card photo."

Milhouse: Hmm...he seems to be running a little low on ideas.

Do you know any Krustofski's from Annapolis, Kevin?

Kevin said...

Max - I do not. Thank you for the exact Simpsons quote; that's what I was driving at, but I didn't know it word for word (a shocking admission coming from me!).

jacobmrley said...

I used google to get it exact, but proving how I wasted my youth, I had it about 98% correct from memory.