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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Frank Robinson, 2000 Upper Deck Legends #50

Chase Utley may have eclipsed Boog Powell's record for consecutive postseason games reaching base, but there are still a few Orioles greats in the October (and November, I suppose) record books. When Utley hit his sixth and seventh career World Series home runs last night, he set another mark. He's now got the most round-trippers by a second baseman in the history of the Fall Classic. Baseball-Reference.com blogger Raphy posted a list of the all-time World Series home run leaders at each position. Among the rolls were pitcher Dave McNally, whose two longballs tied him with Cardinals ace Bob Gibson, and right fielder Frank Robinson, who hit seven of his eight World Series home runs in an O's uniform.

In case you're wondering about the record for World Series home runs by a catcher, Yogi Berra hit nine in 75 games across 14 series. It was awfully nice of him to keep the seat warm for Matt Wieters, who should be ready for his coronation in another year or two.


Commish said...

Hitting the site and seeing a Frank card is like answering the phone and hearing an old friend.

Kevin said...

Bob - Always glad to help!

Dave said...

There was a time when Yogi Berra held just about every World Series record there was. He still has a bunch.

BaltimoreSportsFan said...

Frank Robinson was the reason we won 4 AL titles in 6 years. The O's were good in the years before that like 1964 were we were in a race for the pennant, but there was a sense that something was missing, and BAM! Frank Robinson arrives and that year we go to the World Series. Robby was that bat we needed to become a premier team.

Oh and cool blog!

Kevin said...

Dave - I suppose those are the spoils of playing in 14 World Series. What an unbelievable total!

BSF - That was an incredibly savvy trade by Lee MacPhail. You almost run out of ways to say it.