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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fernando Valenzuela, 1994 Donruss #408

Today is Fernando Valenzuela's 49th birthday. Which do you find harder to believe: that he is two months younger than Cal Ripken, Jr. and just two years older than Jamie Moyer, or that he's not still pitching somewhere? Of course, given what I know about "El Toro", I wouldn't be surprised if he is still toeing the slab somewhere in Mexico as I type this. Feliz cumpleaƱos, Fernando!


Paul P said...

I'm sure he's pitching somewhere.

Commish said...

Like a lot of Hispanic families my in-laws got caught up in early 80s Fernandomania even though they didn't know a curveball from a kumquat. I remember taking them to see him pitch in the Astrodome against Don Sutton and being amazed at how many Dodger fans had suddenly shown up in Houston.

Kevin said...

Paul - He'd better be. Maybe he's still playing alongside his son, first baseman Fernando Jr.

Bob - That must have been quite a scene...and a hell of a pitching matchup!