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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chris Singleton, 2002 Fleer Box Score #18

I know that many of you don't follow Twitter, or see the usefulness in it, and I'm still not sure that I can blame you. But I often feel that my life could use a bit more inanity from obscure public figures, and that's one thing that Twitter does exceedingly well. Today, I discovered that former Orioles (and White Sox and Athletics and Devil Rays) outfielder Chris Singleton tweets his innermost thoughts under the user name c_singleton. Chris currently works for ESPN as a baseball analyst; fancy that! So what sort of pearls of wisdom has Chris shared with the fine folks of Twitter lately? Observe:

-"Women be shopping!"

need an optimum nutrition protein shake. what r the chances of finding one in the bronx? probably not.

Riding into NYC with Tim Kurkjian. He's doing a radio interview while driving and I'm in the backseat praying! LOL.

Need a little motivation for my workout. Was so much easier when I was getting paid to stay "lean and mean". Now I'm just mean. LOL.

Just saw that Lebron wants to dunk and shatter the glass on George W. Bush. Strong statement. Curious why exactly since he's not a hooper.

It's like looking directly into his soul.


Paul said...

He is a pretty good commentator. I like him.

jacobmrley said...

"women be shoppin'"

shouldn't they be in the kitchen?