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Friday, February 27, 2009

Vintage Fridays: Mike Fornieles, 1957 Topps #116

Okay, tonight's card has to stand on its own merit. I am running out the door, and picked this one without much forethought. I do love the orange stirrups with black and white stripes, though. By the way, it's pronounced For-nee-AY-less, if I recall correctly. See you tomorrow!


William said...

Oh there's so much to talk about when it comes to Mike Fornieles...like his career 27.00 All-Star Game ERA? Wait a minute; yes, you were probably right just to slap this card up and bounce to a party.

Commish said...

I find the fact that he was 28th in MVP voting in 1960 kind of cool. Not bad for a fairly obscure guy.

Kevin said...

William - Oh well, that ERA is a small sample size at least. But I remember watching George Sherrill's 3 innings in last year's ASG being paralyzed that he was going to blow it and our one and only All-Star would make Baltimore the punchline one more time. I'm rambling.

Bob - Yeah, it's always interesting to see who shows up near the bottom of the voting.