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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rick Krivda, 1997 Collector's Choice #44

I'm a little chagrined that Patricia and Lucy featured this card before I did, but I hope it's worth seeing twice for those of you that read both of our blogs. To the best of my knowledge, Rick Krivda may be the only player to ever be photographed biting into a baseball bat...at least for trading card purposes. I wonder how it tastes? He seems to be chomping on a Louisville Slugger. Was this a deliberate choice? Does this brand taste richer, more full-bodied than a TPX? Or is it not a matter of taste - is he lashing out at the bat because of something that it did to him? Or is he taking out some unrelated frustration on the bat? Perhaps it's something much more serious. Maybe Rick is having a seizure and an unseen teammate has placed the bat in his mouth to keep him from swallowing his own tongue. After all, we can't see the hands that are holding the lumber.

So many questions, and so few answers.


dinged corners said...

In addition to the big bite factor, his eyes are strangely asymmetrical in this shot.

jacobmrley said...

i know there is a card of jay buhner biting a bat, i just can't find it or a scan of it, but i know it exists.

William said...

Rick Krivda is god.

Kevin said...

Patricia - Indeed...it makes him look even more imbalanced. A dangerous man, that Rick Krivda.

Max - I'm not surprised. Jay had some wacky cards in his day, too.

William - Who am I to argue?

jacobmrley said...

i knew i'd find it by accident if i didn't think about it: http://www.zistle.com/?a=lib_search&type=1#query=buhner&page=4

4th on the bottom row.

Kevin said...

Max - Good find! To think he was once traded for Ken Phelps.