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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jim Traber, 1989 Upper Deck #294

With my 418th post to this blog, I have decided to answer the impassioned cries and pleas from my long-suffering readers. I am finally giving the people what they want: Big Jim Traber. I should probably feel some sort of solidarity with the beefy ex-first baseman, considering that we both used to reside in the ultra-suburban confines of Columbia, Maryland. But he's not a guy that I give much thought, unless his name randomly pops up in the news.

What's that, you say? Jim Traber was in the news this week? How 'bout that! Talkers magazine, which is apparently a radio trade publication, named its Top 250 talk show hosts recently. Why 250? I suppose it makes sense to those in "the biz". Jim Traber is currently the host of "The Locker Room", a radio program in Oklahoma City. The fine folks at Talkers selected Traber's show as one of those listed between 101 and 250 (in no particular order). Of course, I have no idea what the criteria could have been, since obnoxious goatee-clad yakker Jim Rome (#29) was the highest-ranked sports talker and Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic also cracked the top 50. Then again, Anita Marks was nowhere to be found, so they got a few things right.

While Jim is undoubtedly proud of his achievement, most sports fans will probably continue to know him best for this hilarious incident, which occurred in the early 1990s when he was a member of Japan's Kintetsu Buffaloes:


jacobmrley said...

the traber/benny hill video was the cure for my hangover this morning. thanks kevin!

Michael said...

Hey, I was just wondering if we could exchange links?



Kevin said...

Max - Haha, anything I can do to help.