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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Doug Jones, 1995 Stadium Club #564

1995 Stadium Club #564 Doug Jones Front 
Given everything that's been going on in my personal life lately, I hope my few regular readers are not worrying too much when I go silent for a few days. I'm doing well, as are Janet and Baby B. We have a new due date, and it's as set in stone as these sorts of things ever are. They will induce labor at 39 weeks, otherwise known as three weeks from tomorrow: Friday, June 24. Ho. Ly. Crap. I don't feel remotely ready, but we've taken the childbirth prep and infant care classes, I've read a few parenting books, the thank you cards for baby gifts have been written and sent, and the nursery is...getting there. It's been painted, and the crib and dresser are assembled. If our kiddo is content to hang around for another 22 days, he or she will share a birthday with Doug Jones. Not one of my favorite O's ever, but he had a long, solid career elsewhere. Other than the mustachioed closer, the most prominent big leaguers in the June 24 club are current Twins starter Phil Hughes, 1970s Cardinals third baseman Ken Reitz, and 1960s slugger Don Mincher. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to enjoy the Orioles' just-concluded win against the Red Sox and I'll be doing my best not to panic. Our infant care teacher said to trust our gut instincts, and she is a professional nurse. Sounds easy enough, right?

Don't answer that.


Rob said...

That card is awesome!

My advice to first-time dads - bring food with you. I didn't anticipate labor going 10+ hours and not having access to snacks, etc. I finally had my mother-in-law bring me McD's. And my wife STILL holds that over my head. (Deservedly so.)

Rounding Thirty 3rd said...

My youngest was born on June 24. She just graduated high school this weekend. My new dad advice - never say, after any of the contractions, that was an easy one.

Kevin said...

Rob - Thanks kindly. Snacks are at the top of my list.

Tim - Yeah, I will do my best not to provoke. Congrats to your new grad!