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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Jim Palmer, 2001 Topps Stars Progression #P6

There are so many weird things about this card, the least of which is the fact that it combines an Orioles legend, a former one-year Oriole, and a future Oriole. The writeup on the back begins, "Palmer and Brown earned reputations for their good looks and hard heat"...have you ever in your life heard someone fawn over Kevin Brown's physical appearance? Lastly there's the hindsight weirdness of touting Kurt Ainsworth as a potential future Cy Young Award winner. The righty's injury-shortened career ended with a 6-8 record, a 5.19 ERA, 90 strikeouts, and 61 walks in 126.2 innings across four seasons. But he's probably more pleasant to be around than Kevin Brown.


Zach said...

The player quality also decreases as you move left to right. If this were a 4-person card, then they would've put Cory Doyne in the 4th circle.

Kevin said...

Zach - Hats off for the Cory Doyne reference! The true low man on a devolution chart.