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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Jim Palmer, 1982 Fleer #175

Jim Palmer, rocking and firing, Memorial Stadium, Baltimore. Sometimes that's all you need.

Last week, my mother was going through some of my grandma's old photos and found a few that she thought would be of interest to me. I'll share them with you in the coming days, starting with a scenic postcard of Memorial Stadium:

I don't quite have the encyclopedic knowledge of the old haunts on 33rd Street to pinpoint the date that this lithograph was made, but maybe some of you can help me. I think that's the Schaefer Beer sign on top of the right field scoreboard, and the electronic left field scoreboard isn't there yet. That should narrow it down. Any hints?


Commishbob said...

The Schaefer logo went up in '64. New board in 1970. If I was on something other than this iPad I would blow it up enough to maybe see the vehicles a little better. From the looks of the location of the fence I'd guess closer to the beginning of that time frame than the end.

Kevin said...

Thanks Bob! I figured that if anybody knew, it would be you. :)