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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gregg Olson, 1992 Triple Play #13

The sands of the 2013 baseball season are slipping quickly through the hourglass. School is back in session, it's still dark outside when I get up for work, and pumpkin-flavored everything is back on sale. Oh, and here comes the National Football League to horn in on the action.

Last night, I drafted my fantasy football team in my uncle's ten-team league. I'm not sure how he talked me into it, since fantasy football is an excruciating, frustrating exercise in my experience. I've done no prep, as evidenced by how many running backs and receivers were completely new to my wondering eyes as I scanned the draft board. But maybe I'll catch lightning in a bottle like I did a few years back and laugh all the way to the bank. More likely, I'll have three key players out with injuries by week six and I'll be scanning the waiver wire for platoon running backs with an upside of eight points. At the very least, I had a little chuckle when it was time to select a tight end and the best one available was Greg Olsen of the Panthers. Come on down, Greg...when Cam Newton inexplicably stops targeting you this year, I'll console myself by cracking jokes about your mean curveball.

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