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Monday, July 15, 2013

Miguel Tejada, 2005 Donruss Studio #38

As I write this post, Chris Davis is on deck in the first round of the 2013 Home Run Derby. He's trying to become the first Oriole to win the slugging exhibition since Miguel Tejada in 2004. (Cal Ripken, Jr. won the 1991 Derby in Toronto, and is the only other Baltimore player to do the honors.) Of course, Miggi had 15 home runs in 85 games at the All-Star Break that year; Davis finished the first half on a four-game dinger streak, giving him a ludicrous total of 37 in 96 team games.

I hope "Crush" realizes the sacrifices that I'm making to root for him this evening. Not only am I recording WWE RAW to watch later, thereby disrupting my customary Monday night routine, but I'm subjecting myself to the bloated excesses and loud nonsense of ESPN's presentation of said Derby. But enough about Chris Berman. A Chris who is actually good at his job is stepping to the plate...after the upcoming commercial break. You're killing me, ESPN.


jacobmrley said...

Chris Berman is my human kryptonite. I have been threatening his life all evening online, I hope the NSA decides to help our country and assist me in feeding him his last piece of ham. God, I hate him so.

Kevin said...

When Adam Jones popped up in the announcing booth with Nathan's hot dogs near the end of the derby, somebody tweeted that he was doing the noble thing by trying to shut Berman up with food.

GCA said...

I actually used to like the nickname bit, but I could never stand the chicken calls on the HRDerby.
"bak bak bak bak bak bkaaak"

TTG said...

He's strong.

Kevin said...

GCA - The nicknames amused me once upon a time as well. But the bad far outweighs the good with Berman.

TTG - Word.