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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chris Sabo, 1995 Topps #137

Folks, it's time for some real talk. I've noticed a near-total lack of feedback in the form of comments on this blog in recent weeks. At the same time, I've felt my own interest in writing these posts start to flag. I've been updating Orioles Card "O" the Day on a near-daily basis for five years, two months, and six days, and that comes out to 1,874 blog entries in all. I'm sure that I still have things to say about the O's, and the cards on which they're featured, but more often than not it seems like I'm forcing myself to carve out a few minutes just to pluck a card out of the box or binder, scan it, say the bare minimum, and be done with it. It's somewhat disappointing, like Chris Sabo without his customary Rec Specs. That's not really providing any benefit to me or to you, and considering how lackluster my recent writing feels to me,  certainly don't blame anyone else for not having any comments to add. So I'd appreciate it if you could answer a few questions for me:

-What type of posts would you like to read on this blog? Shorter-form player biographies, oddball tangents about unusual card designs or photos, snapshots of a single Orioles game from the past, themed posts (i.e. the history of the team's top draft picks, or the best Maryland-born players?), or maybe something else?

-How much is your enjoyment of the blog tied to the daily updates? Would you rather read one or two longer posts per week, or quick tidbits every day?

-Any other suggestions? (Cosmetic makeovers, additional widgets, a transition to 100% dinosaur-related content...speak now or forever hold your peace.)


PeteLevin said...

I read all the posts, but comment very rarely. My favorite posts are when you try and figure out what day the game on the card was played, when you uncover facts about little-known Orioles, and when you dissect the minutiae of the card's composition. The blog is great and I hope you'll find the inspiration to keep it going for a long time! Thanks for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

I like new cards every day, though I understand its a lot of work for you. I like when you get into the minutia, but if you were to do more quick hits, it would be totally understandable.

Zach said...

I also read frequently, but my commenting is hit-or-miss.

1) I find oddball facts and tidbits about the player's career to be the best. To be honest, I find the game summaries to be the least fun to read, and since they're usually the longest, I think you'd welcome not doing them as often.

2) I check every day and read every day. It's a nice little escape from the everyday life.

3) No suggestions for improvement. Thanks for the continued free daily entertainment!

Jim said...

Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing. I look forward to reading your posts every day although I rarely comment.

If you are looking to mix things up however - My favorite posts of yours are of the "oddball tangents about unusual card designs or photos" variety.

Keep up the great work and I'll be a faithful reader for as long as you keep going!

GCA said...

Oh yeah, don't stop now!
I like the quick hitters more than the six paragraph entries. And I relate more to the card-related ideas than the stats, but that's just me. I know cards much better than players.
I think there are plenty of us out here reading that don't think comments that say nothing but "nice post" are really that constructive. Though we would say that about 95% of what you write.

Ryan H said...

I've also read each and every one of your posts. Don't change a thing. !ou're one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place!

Kevin said...

Thanks, everyone! I appreciate your kind words and opinions.

shoeboxlegends said...

Kevin, I still read each and every new post, just don't typically have time to comment. I love the blog though, would love to see some more themed posts like you mentioned but keep doing what you've been doing!

Alan Diddle said...

As you know I have read your accounts for years but really never respond unless I do it directly. I still love reading everything you contribute as you are a wealth of knowledge. If you need another card to comment on look at Lenn Sakatas 1982 Fleer #178 card. See his positions of foot and arm. Very interesting positions

FreeTheBirds said...

"What type of posts would you like to read on this blog?"

I like them all and the variety of them all. I like the posts about oddball Oriole players, facts or stats that I didn't know or that no one else ever talks about. I like how you spotlight an old boxscore and talk about the game. One thing you can do more is talk about the cards themselves, in many posts there is little to no mention of the card itself. I like baseball card blogs that incorporate talk about the design, quality of the photo, stuff in the backround, stuff on the back, etc.

"How much is your enjoyment of the blog tied to the daily updates?"

I like that it's everyday, I check this blog daily along with Roch's blog and the Baltimore Sun O's coverage. I like that some are long and some are just daily check-ins.

"Any other suggestions?"

Just please keep it up, I enjoy the daily read. Maybe during the offseason consider doing more themes (an all Ripken week and stuff like that) since there is a lot less to talk about. This past offseason was pretty dull, Duquette didn't give you much to work with.

Lonnie Miller said...

I would say the oddball tangents are my favorite, but I also enjoy the "what game was this shot from?" posts. Posts definately don't need to be long to be enjoyable, but I do love being able to check everyday. Don't lose hope! I am sure there are many faithful lurkers like me out there who can't help but check back every day

Oriolephan said...

Theme Weeks?

vto said...

I thinkthe way you do it now is just right, with the long stories and the short blurbs. If you think it will keep you engaged longer if you post less frequently, then by all means, I rather have a bit of your insights and inanity than to lose it altogether. I understand that even though you love it, it can still be work at times and you need to keep it fun for you. I like your humor stories, your research into the games the picture was taken in, the obscure facts that you dig out. It makes me wish I could start collecting again. So I just live vicarously through you. Thanks for doing this.