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Friday, October 12, 2012

Vintage Fridays: Brooks Robinson, 1962 Topps #462

So it comes down to this: winner take all, Game Five, do or die. The Orioles kept one streak alive last night (now 8-0 in 13+ inning games in 2012), and snapped another (the Yankees had won their last 10 extra inning games at home). So it's a rematch from Game One, with the rehabilitated Jason Hammel for the underdog O's and the $23 million man CC Sabathia taking the mound for the Yankees. Though I did my best to remain level-headed yet optimistic as I watched the Birds stave off elimination and grind out their four-and-a-half hour win last night, I couldn't help but feel a real sadness when I contemplated the possibility that it could be their last game of the season. Buck Showalter's patches-and-paste Orioles have brought me more joy and thrills than any other club in my 20 years as a fan of the orange and black. I never want this season to end. One more win in the Bronx tonight and it won't, not just yet. They can do it. As the O's have proved time and again in the past week, anything can happen in a single game. Nate McLouth can ignite an offense. Joe Saunders (or Jason Hammel, or Wei-Yin Chen, or Miguel Gonzalez) can shut down a high-scoring opponent. Brian Matusz and Tommy Hunter can throw smoke out of the bullpen. Ryan Flaherty can find his power stroke. Chris Davis can pull the ball to the right side against one of the toughest lefties of the last generation. One game.

And I won't see it. An old friend is getting married at 5:00 sharp. Fingers crossed that there's a TV at the reception!

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Zach said...

Skip it!! This is a once-in-a-lifetime game!