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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mickey Tettleton, 1990 Score Superstars #9

When I go to ballgames, I like to spot jerseys that are a little out of the ordinary. I saw some good ones yesterday. There was a black Orioles spring training jersey featuring former pitching coach Rick Kranitz's name and #39 on the back; I assume that the owner bought it game-used from the O's FanFest rummage sale. After all, that's where I got my Lou Montanez masterpiece. There was also somebody in a current-day black Orioles jersey with Joe Orsulak's name and #6. That's an interesting blend of past and present.

There were a surprising number of Tigers fans in attendance yesterday, and they also came dressed to the nines. One guy was wearing Miguel Cabrera's Team Venezuela #24 jersey from the World Baseball Classic. But the best was the gentleman I came across in a Mickey Tettleton #20 Detroit road jersey from the early 1990s. Whether it was intentional or not, his clothing choice was a clever tweak of longtime Baltimore fans who will never forget the Mick's 112 homers and .387 on-base percentage in the four years following his trade from the O's to the Tigers. It's a good thing the home team got the last laugh yesterday evening.


Anonymous said...

I was at Sunday's game, and from behind I saw someone wearing a burgundy & gold t-shirt with "CABRERA" on the back, and my initial reaction was "Who's Cabrera on the Redskins?". Then I saw the WBC logo, and realized it was a Venezuela shirt.

Sunday's game had plenty of Tigers fans (Verlander was pitching, after all), but they were relatively quiet until the 9th, when they smelled victory (and most of the O's fans had left, especially those not in the shade).

Kevin said...

Yeah, life's too short to melt in the sun while the Birds are getting whooped.