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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jimmy Key, 1998 Upper Deck #35

If I had to guess, I'd say that Jimmy Key's groin tore in half at the exact moment that this photo was taken. Whatever the case may be, it sure doesn't look like he's comfortable.


LoCoDe said...

Gotta love Jimmy Key.

It's either the groin, or the Boog's BBQ that he had before the game just made the 1st "out" of the inning.

Kevin said...

LoCoDe - Haha, good call. Oddly enough, my favorite Jimmy Key memory is one of the old This Is SportsCenter commercials. The scenario is a hotshot young anchor who is given a job right out of middle school, and is nailed for his lack of maturity. In one clip, he interrupts his co-anchor during a piece on Jimmy Key: "Jimmy Key, are you kidding? What is he, like 50? I could get a hit off of Key."