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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brady Anderson, 1998 Skybox Metal Universe #210

I apologize for the subpar scan, but such are the pitfalls of foil.

Earlier today, Adam Jones posted the following on Twitter: "And Brady never has a damn shirt on. Still jacked for 47."

The following three thoughts occurred to me in succession:

1. "That's pretty funny."

2. "Ye gods, Brady Anderson is 47 years old? Suddenly I need to lie down."

3. "Wow. I hope I haven't used that comic book art card for a blog post yet."

And here we are. Brady, as you may have gathered, is one of a handful of ex-Orioles who are chipping in at spring training as instructors. Mike Bordick and B. J. Surhoff are there, too. Maybe they can tell the current batch of O's what it's like to play for a winner. If this card is any indication, Brady can also teach them how to perform a deadly palm thrust.


Ryan said...

"Talk to the hand, I don't wanna hear nuthin about steroid usage!"

Kevin said...

Ryan - Comic Book Brady has no idea what you're talking about.