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Monday, October 11, 2010

Tom Niedenfuer, 1988 Topps #242

What do you think are the odds that Tom Niedenfuer was actually playing long toss when this photo was taken? I'd like to think that he was. His expression and pose are almost too goofy to be faked. Were the Orioles playing in Tiger Stadium that day? I'm not a stadium expert, but it fits my hazy memories of the old ballpark in Detroit. I'm full of questions, so I'll leave you with one more. Do you know any of the fans in the stands who are visible in the background? Andy asked previously on his '88 Topps blog, but no one stepped forward. I'd like to shake V-Neck with Red Sleeves Guy's hand; I like his style. Though Blond Perm and Aviator Shades Guy (bottom right) is no pushover.

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