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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jeff Ballard, 1989 Fleer #607

In a possible sign of mental illness, I'm posting another one of these absolutely fetching 1989 Fleer things. Again, the photography just raises so many questions:

-Why is Jeff Ballard's jersey unbuttoned halfway? Was he coming on to the photographer?

-Why does he have two gloves? Did he run off with Bob Milacki's leather so he could stuff it full of potato salad?

-How did jersey manufacturer Rawlings feel about Jeff wearing a Wilson glove?

-Who is the man in the black coat and khakis standing in front of the backstop? What's in the briefcase? Is the the Red Sox team doctor, dispatched to medicate some unruly fans?

-Why am I spending so much time staring at a Jeff Ballard card from the 1980s?

Well, I can answer the last one at least...because someone has to do it, and I'm sparing you the horrors. You're welcome.


Dinged Corners said...

That's a pretty interesting photo for '89 Fleer. Comparatively speaking. Any card that raises questions, as you show, is worth at least a nickel.

Drew said...

I remember Ballard striking out Don Mattingly three times in a single game once upon a time. In my memory, like so many magical Oriole moments, that game took place at Yankee Stadium in that fantastical year of 1989. If it didn't happen that year, please don't correct me ... I like the way I remember that year. For a very brief shining moment, Jeff Ballard was our ace. What a strange and wonderful year that was.

Kevin said...

Dinged Corners - A nickel, eh? I'd better send this puppy out to get graded...

Drew - You are correct! It's even more amazing when you consider that Ballard failed to strike out 3 batters TOTAL in 26 of 35 starts that year. Mattingly struck out three times in a game only 5X in his 14-year career. Wild.

Craig said...

Wow...good thing you didn't mention the chest hair as well Kevin...does this mean I am becoming more like you in finding these details in cards? Is there a cure??? LOL...seriously, glad to see you in better spirits this morning

Anonymous said...

Plus he was left handed which raises the value a little.