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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jose Bautista, 1988 Donruss The Rookies #41

The following substances may or may not have been used by Jose "J. J." Bautista to give his jheri curl that extra body:

1. Crisco
2. WD-40
3. Maple syrup
4. Four egg yolks
5. Leave-in conditioner
6. Bubble-blowing liquid
7. Baseball rubbing mud
8. Green slime
9. Eye of newt
10. Single malt whiskey


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

He may have applied the following substances to the ball as well. I can't help thinking that '88 D-Russ would have looked better green.

luis said...

maybe soul glo?


great blog.

Rounding Thirty 3rd said...

Given the year, another great item for your list would have been "Soul Glo" made famous by Eriq La Salle's character in "Coming to America".

Kevin said...

Two Soul-Glo references in successive comments! Great minds think alike.

Jeffrey - Agreed. The Rookies set, with its alternative color scheme and glossy finish, blows their regular set away. I also have some Baseball's Best, another glossy 1988 Donruss product that has orange borders. They're also pretty sharp.

jacobmrley said...

they beat me to the soul glo comments, but that's what i get for waiting to read the blog