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Monday, October 13, 2008

Rick Krivda, 1994 Fleer Ultra #306

For want of anything profound or witty to say about Rick Krivda, I decide to Google his name and write about the most unusual result of the search. On page six of my hunt, I learned that the former O's lefty is a member of the McKeesport, PA chapter of the Polish National Alliance (Lodge #352). The webpage in question gave some insight into Krivda's post-organized baseball life. Apparently he's still living in the area - Perry Hall, MD, to be exact. He's instructed area youth at some Ripken Baseball camps and operates "Extra Innings", an indoor training center. Well, I couldn't go forward without finding the Extra Innings site, where I learned that one of Rick's fellow instructors is former first baseman Randy "Moose" Milligan!

It's a font of obscure knowledge, this Internet.

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