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Monday, October 20, 2008

Melvin Mora, 2004 Upper Deck #78

Just a few days ago, I spoke of the Orioles' roots as the St. Louis Browns (1902-1953). I was mildly surprised to come across this card, featuring a photo of Melvin Mora from a 2003 turn-back-the-clock game. I recall plenty of games in which the Birds honored their own great teams of the past, or their minor league predecessors, or even the great Negro League teams of Baltimore (I haven't posted any of those yet, as it happens). But I don't remember the O's ever doing so much to call attention to the fact that they were a transplanted team. But lo and behold, a quick web search turned up evidence of an interleague game in June 2003 that turned into a battle of St. Louis. The host Cardinals and visitor Orioles each wore throwback uniforms to commemorate the first regular-season meeting between the two teams that used to share Sportsman's Park. Baltimore was even referred to as "St. Louis" on the scoreboard and over the PA. Go figure.

One classic uniform that the Birds have never donned is that of the 1901 Baltimore Orioles, one of the original American League clubs. Sure, they might have packed their bags and moved to New York, but they had John McGraw, Roger Bresnahan, and Joe McGinnity, all great names in baseball lore. Besides, check out these sharp road threads!

The ball's in your court, Orioles.

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Anonymous said...

Nice!! The 1901 road threads are mean...would love to see them worn by O's, then I would have to by a Markakis jersey