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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Randy Myers, 1997 Donruss #299

Randall K. Myers served a valuable purpose during the two years (1996-1997) that he served as the Orioles' closer. Sure, there were the 76 total saves and the trim 1.51 ERA in 1997. But I think he also taught us all a lasting lesson, one that endures some ten years after his retirement. That would be, "tread lightly around a man who keeps a grenade in his locker". To quote Jimmy Dugan, "That's good advice".

This is a great, if baffling, action shot of Randy doin' his thing. He's not throwing a pitch, unless he's debuting his new Exorcistball. That's also a pretty odd angle for a fielding play. It's most likely that the opposing batter ripped the ball right back up the box, and Myers is contorting his body in a vain attempt to either knock the ball down or avoid a spheroid bruise on his shin. Of course, I prefer to think that the home plate umpire is squeezing the strike zone on him, and Randy has finally snapped and pulled that trusty grenade from his back pocket. Here we see his follow-through, having heaved it in the general direction of the man in blue. He's bracing himself for the explosion, and wondering how many games he'll be suspended for making little pieces of Richie Garcia rain all over Camden Yards.

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