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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Brady Anderson, 1999 Upper Deck UD Choice #59

Today I begin the long and bittersweet process of moving out of the apartment in Columbia where I have spent the past three years of my life. It's always exciting to have a change of scenery, though, and I'll be moving in with another one of my friends. I just happen to be relocating to Silver Spring, twenty minutes down the road and the birthplace of Mr. Brady Anderson. Brady, of course, didn't stay long; he grew up in California and still lives there today. Another famous son of Silver Spring is angry comedian Lewis Black, one of my favorites. Lewis has said the following about my soon-to-be-home:

"Of course, there is no spring there, and I can assure you no one was mining for silver. Its only claim to fame is that it is the largest unincorporated city in America. In other words, we were too lazy to govern ourselves. Our town motto was 'I'd like to vote, but I don't feel like driving.' "

All kidding aside, as I type I am procrastinating. I can remember my college years, when I would have to bundle up everything of importance to me (electronics, books, clothing, various tchotchkes) twice a year and schlep it all from east Baltimore County to Chestertown, and then back again. Inevitably, I would wind up staring helplessly at piles of junk and wondering aloud, "Where did all of this crap come from?" I am a sentimentalist and a pack rat, without a doubt. But when I moved to Columbia, it was the first time I had to literally move everything that was mine in this world. It was such an incredible ordeal (there was a couch to extract from the basement, and I thought for sure that the effort would kill my poor father) that I was more than happy to stay put for a few years.

Today is the easy part; I'm boxing up nonessentials like books, warm clothing, CDs and DVDs, board games, and toys. Yes, toys. As someone who is firmly in touch with his inner child, I am in possession of several talking Simpsons figures and dioramas, not to mention a handful of WWE wrestling figures complete with a giant plastic Hell in the Cell cage structure. To be fair, the cage was a gift from friends. So I suppose I've put it off long enough. Wish me well, especially when the time comes to do the heavy lifting and maneuvering. I'm a fairly scrawny guy, after all; I am certainly no Brady Anderson.


William said...

Good luck brosef. I just moved out of my parent's house into my own place, and guess what I brought along with me? That's right, a few stacks of baseball cards.

NMboxer said...

We used to live in Bethesda, and know Silver Spring quite well. Best of luck in your move! Not stressful or anything.