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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bob Milacki, 1990 Leaf #402

Bob Milacki is best known for his excellent 1989 rookie season in Baltimore, when he won 14 games with a 3.74 ERA in a hefty 243 innings, allowing less than a hit per frame. But I'd like to have a little fun with ol' Bob. Even better than fun facts, we have Facetious Facts about Bob Milacki!

1. His name rhymes with "wacky", "Iraqi", and "fat backy".

2. From 2001-2008, he served as pitching coach for the Hickory Crawdads, Altoona Cruve, and Lynchburg Hillcats. Yes, really.

3. He made his ML debut on September 18. He also wore #18 for most of his career.

4. Bob pitched at Yavapai Community College - YCC. Say it out loud, and maybe Indians pitcher C. C. Sabathia will respond, "why what?".

5. An anagram for "Bob Milacki" is "Lick a bimbo".

6. He is the winningest Orioles pitcher named Bob, with 37 victories (1988-1992). 1970s reliever Bob Reynolds and original Oriole "Bullet Bob" Turley are tied for a distant second with 14.

7. I've always considered Milacki to be moon-faced. Why is it that we call someone with a round face "moon-faced"? Why not sun-faced?

8. Struck out ten Yankee batters in a shutout victory in his third career start. In 122 starts that followed, he had just one more 10-K game.

9. According to baseball-reference.com, one of the three players he is most comparable to is former O's teammate Jay Tibbs.

10. Bob notched his only career save in his last game as an Oriole, a 4-3, 13-inning affair in Cleveland. He threw just nine pitches in one inning of work, getting the final out when right fielder Luis Mercedes threw out Carlos Baerga, who was trying to stretch a single into a double. I love the Internet, by the way.

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--David said...

"Lick a bimbo" - priceless!